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Change is inevitable. Stress during a separation or divorce is to be expected. What every woman deserves at this time is support and wise counsel. The pain will pass, and life will go on; the challenge then is to pass through the fire, move beyond survival, and THRIVE.  

To learn more about my confidential services for women, please take advantage of my complimentary 30-minute call offer. 


Many prospective clients I’ve spoken with have limited budgets, some even collecting money from family and friends to support them in getting help with a pending divorce. To support women during this time, I have created payment options for each of my services. 

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I’m Marvis Matarozzo, I help women struggling to survive the divorce process and thrive after the divorce.

I consider walking with women on this life-changing journey a blessing and an honor. When you work with me, I’ll help you gain clarity and confidence and ask for what you need. We’ll discuss your fears and concerns, such as your financial future, a change in your living conditions, perceptions of others as a “divorced woman,” and worries about being loved again.

We’ll address concerns for those of you with children, such as “how will my children adjust to our divorce, to having two homes, and two sets of rules?”

Understanding your finances, co-parenting plans, and future needs will save you time and money and keep you out of expensive court hearings. You will have the coaching tools to help you feel in control of the process.

“Change the way you change your world.”

~ Marvis

Ways to work with me


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01. Divorce Coaching & Support

Divorce coaching is defined as a flexible, goal-oriented process meant to support, motivate, and guide people through a divorce. As a women’s divorce coach, I help you make the best possible decision for your future based on your concerns, needs, and interests. 

02. Post-Divorce Life Coaching

You have survived your divorce, now it’s time for you to THRIVE. As your Personal Life Coach, I will help you to begin life anew. Working together, I will help you identify and change undesired patterns or behaviors that keep you from experiencing joy and realizing your dreams.

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03. Free Discovery Call with Marvis

If you are looking for a coach to help you through the divorce process or support you after your divorce, please take advantage of the Complimentary 30-minute call I offer here. I’ll answer any questions you may have about my services. 

Why Choose To Work With Me

As a Women’s Divorce Coach & a Certified Life Coach, I am results-oriented. My approach is both confidential and direct. My coaching tools are customized to fit your unique circumstances.

If you are ready to do the work for your divorce and future. Schedule your complimentary call to determine if I’m a good fit to meet your needs.

I understand your needs

I was an abused spouse and cheated on. You may feel like I did back then, “less than a person, less than a wife, less than nothing.” Read my story.

Results oriented

Being informed is vital for you to get the things you need from your divorce. I will help you become knowledgeable and prepared.

Quality & Community

I am part of the professional coaching community. As a CDC-certified divorce coach & Certified Life Coach, I adhere to a  high standard of education and ethics.

A few kind words…

It begins with a choice.

I won’t waste your time or your money. If you have questions about my coaching plans or are ready to hire a coach to help you through the divorce process or to support you after the divorce, please take advantage of the Complimentary 30-minute call I offer here.

A friend suggested coaching after I cried to her for the 100th time about the unfairness of it all.

Having someone on my side was life-changing in my outlook on the whole messy process. I never expected to be getting a divorce, but after three affairs, it was time to act. Until I coached with Marvis, I went around in a revenge-hate-payback circle.

Denise S.


Working with Marvis kept me focused on what I wanted the outcome to be.

Keeping the children out of the adult drama, what my financial needs were, and, more importantly, knowing that any decisions I made in anger would affect the outcome.
K. Taylor

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