Should You Handle Your Own Divorce Proceedings?

Dec 21, 2022 | Divorce Process, Finance

I understand that in some states, you can handle your divorce by performing tasks such as printing forms from your computer, delivering them to the court, and getting a court date. According to divorcewrite.com, it can be pre-agreed even when children are involved.

While handling your divorce might work for you from a legal standpoint, what about your emotional well-being? Why do you have a knot in your stomach? When will that squirrel in your brain let you sleep, and what are those yammering voices in your head trying to tell you?

I can help you calm those voices by showing you how to address the safety features built into your DNA and assuring them that you are safe. We’ll explore other topics, such as what scares you about your future and saddens you about the past or how to ease the guilt of not staying married.

Perhaps your friends have voiced their opinions about the length of your marriage, what they hated about your ex, where they think you went wrong, or you’re acting rashly, hastily, or not quickly enough.

Here’s the bottom line – your feelings and opinions are the only things that matter.  If you are one of my coaching clients, I will support you in sorting facts from beliefs, so you step happily into your new future.

P.S. I only recommend handling your divorce without an attorney if it is legal in your state AND if there is a lot of trust in your marriage

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