Self-Care and Why It’s Important

Jan 3, 2023 | Mental & Physical Health, Self-Care

Are you an emotional wreck? Are you walking through your days like a zombie? If you initiated the divorce, as I did mine, you’re most likely experiencing sadness, anger, shame, guilt, and fear. 

If instead, your partner initiated the divorce proceedings; you have a lot of catching up to do! It would be in your best interest if you were strong and healthy. If you’re a mom, your children need you to be strong and healthy. 

Here are some relaxation techniques to help clear your mind and un-knot your stomach.

5-4-3-2-Method – This technique is used by folks experiencing anxiety to bring them to a safer emotional place.

  1. Name five things you see
  2. Name four things you feel.
  3. Name three things you hear
  4. Name two things you smell
  5. Name one thing you taste.

The 5-5-5 breathing method

  • BREATHE in through your nose for 5 seconds
  • HOLD for 5 seconds and EXHALE through your mouth for 5 seconds
  • EXHALE through your mouth for 5 seconds

More relaxation techniques…

  • Take a 30-minute walk
  • Soak in a hot bubble bath. My coach suggested staying in the shower for a few minutes extra to calm myself
  • Play your favorite music and sing loudly. I suggest Pink’s break-up album ‘FUNHOUSE’
  • Buy a plant, a book, new shoes, and underwear just for you
  • Have coffee or a wine date with friends
  • Watch a movie your ex refused to see. I took my girls to see Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton
  • Do something he always said you couldn’t do. I took a class, hosted exchange students, went back to church, and sang in the choir. I reconnected with family and old friends. Drove to my Grandparents. And we got a cat!

It’s your new future; shape it any way you want.

~ Love, Marvis

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