How Do I Know I’m Ready?

Apr 17, 2023 | Divorce Process, Mental & Physical Health

How do I know if I’m ready for a divorce? That’s my most often asked question when talking with a prospective client. Deciding to divorce is one of the most significant and difficult decisions you will ever make. Whether your spouse has said, “I want a divorce,” or you know things are not going well, it is always a tough decision.

You may experience physical symptoms such as a knot in your stomach, sleepless nights, headaches, or anxiety. Other signs might be the children acting out, poor job performance, distraction, or an injury. (I experienced all of these symptoms before I determined it was time to pull the plug. And I lost ten pounds from lack of appetite!)

As your Divorce Coach, it is not my job to tell you to end your marriage; it’s my responsibility to help you make the best decision for yourself. I want you to be your best, happiest, most grateful self. You deserve calm and contentment in your life. You may have stayed longer and tried harder to keep your marriage intact, but what do you have to build on if there have been addictions, abuse, cheating, or loss of trust?

Somewhere along the way, you fell out of love. Perhaps that last affair was the last straw, or perhaps it was too many drinks, name-calling, insults, or swearing at the kids; you’re done; it’s over, finished. Is this you? My last straw was the third affair. The first one, “Shame on him.” The second one, “Shame on me.” The third one, “Strike three, you’re out.”

So, what’s your next step? It would help if you talked about the guilt, the sadness, and the feeling that you failed. I know this about you; you took your vows seriously. And I will tell you, you did your best. It takes two to make it work, and you were only a force of one. You are brave and fierce, and you will survive and eventually thrive. Your children will be better, you will make new friends, and you will build a new future.

As for me, I not only survived, I thrived; with thirty-one years married to a trustworthy, honest man who loves me unconditionally. He helped raise my daughters and encouraged my desires. Now, I use my skills, training, and experience to help others like you on your new journey.

See what coaching with me can do for you. Please take advantage of my complimentary session and book now.

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