The Fear Factor – How to Get Over It

Many people allow their fears to dictate their lives, resulting in a life of missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. There’s no denying that fear can be paralyzing. In today’s article, I’m sharing tips on overcoming your fear(s) so you can begin living your dream.

How Do I Know I’m Ready?

Deciding to divorce is one of the most significant and difficult decisions you will ever make. Whether your spouse has said, “I want a divorce,” or you know things are not going well, it is a tough choice.

What is love

How do you know it’s love? What is love, exactly? 

Is it just a fairy tale, a fantasy, or magic? Is it only available to ‘others’? How do you know, and what does it feel like?

The Blended Family

You’re ready to introduce your children to “the one”…

The divorce has been over for a while now. You’ve met someone and are ready to introduce “the one” to your children. You’ve even discussed the possibility of moving in together. One big happy family, right? Not so fast!

Self-Care and Why It’s Important

Are you an emotional wreck? Are you walking through your days like a zombie? If you initiated the divorce, as I did mine, you're most likely experiencing sadness, anger, shame, guilt, and fear.  If instead, your partner initiated the divorce proceedings; you have...

A New Day – A New Adventure

Life can be smooth sailing or a twisting country road. Mine has been full of potholes and speed bumps lately! Some of the feelings I’m experiencing are the same as during my divorce: betrayal, loss, shame, sadness, and confusion. I carry these feelings as tightness in...

The Cycle of Change

To help you understand the scientific nature of the cycle of change, I’ve attached this graphic, Prochaska’s Cycle of Change, with my notations. It's not just my "JOB" to meet you wherever you are; it is my pleasure. My WHY is to support you in your journey to...

Should You Handle Your Own Divorce Proceedings?

I understand that in some states, you can handle your divorce by performing tasks such as printing forms from your computer, delivering them to the court, and getting a court date. According to divorcewrite.com, it can be pre-agreed even when children are involved....
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10 Things to Do If Divorce Is Imminent

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